Whole Body Workouts You Can Do With A Chair

Do you have a hard time working out in public? These chair exercises work your whole body and you don’t have to go to the gym.

Working out is important for keeping weight off or losing weight. If you’re like me and you don’t like exercising in front of a bunch of people, then the gym is probably not your best friend. However, you don’t have to go to the gym to work out your body; you can do it at home and with a chair.

There are some people that spend 8-10 hours sitting in front of a desk or driving home and sitting in front of the TV. We spend so much time sitting that it can be causing obesity and bad posture. If you have a hectic schedule that doesn’t leave a lot of time to work out, these exercises are just for you.

Whole body chair exercises

1. Leg extensions: sit straight in the chair and remain in a proper sitting position. Raise the left leg straight and hold it for at least two seconds and raise it to the highest you can get it. Without bending the back, hold the leg for two seconds and then lower it. Do this 15 times and then switch legs. This works the legs, thighs, and lower back.
2. Proper posture: Having the correct posture can work the different muscles in the upper body. While sitting don’t lean on the backrest, sit a couple of inches away from the backrest and keep the back straight. Press the knees together, squeeze the buttocks and keep the neck straight but relaxed. Press the shoulders back the help keeps your form straight.
3. Triceps dips: sitting in the chair firmly grasp the edge with both hands. Slowly walk forward leaving your hands grasped to the chair. Slowly move down and use the triceps to raise the body.
4. Elbow curls: sit with your arms raised and place the palms above the ears. Bring the elbows together and open the arms as much as you can. You will feel a stretch in the arms and the back. Do this 30-50 times.
5. Magic carpet: sit in the chair and grasp the sides of the chair and lift yourself from the chair. Suck in the stomach and use your core to do this exercise.
6. One leg squats: stand and face away from your chair. Place a leg on the chair and take a step with the other. It will seem like a lunge. Put your feet firmly on the ground to keep your balance, then slowly lower your hips as far as you can go. Then, go back to the original position and do this 2-30 times for each leg.
7. Sneaky buns and guns: sit on the edge of the chair with the knees bent and the feet together. The hands should be just outside the hips and the elbows should be slightly bent. Squeeze the knees and the buttocks together tightly while pushing down with the hands and extending the elbows. Do this 30 times.