Water With Powerful Ingredient That Will Make Miracle For Your Body!

Water with garlic is one excellent drink which is fighting against bacteria and viruses, strengthens the immunity and detoxifies the organism. Here is how you can make this drink with only two ingredients.

The garlic improves the circulation of the body, it reduces the blood pressure, improves the work of the respiratory system, cleanse the liver and kidneys. Also, the garlic is known as natural antibiotic because it contains acilin which, has strong antibacterial and antiviral characteristics. The latest research shows that the extract of this powerful food kills and destroys the growth of streptococci and gingvilis and also gives significant help in combating the viral herpes. Its act is strongest when it is consumed on empty stomach, because the bacteria is most vulnerable then. Many people cannot consume fresh garlic in the morning hours but same effect can be achieved if you do simple drink form the garlic.

Recipe for the drink:

  • 1 liter of waterl
  • 8 gloves from garlic


Clean the garlic, knead it and put it in the water. Use organic home garlic for this recipe. Like this prepared, put the liquid into refrigerator for 1 hour before consumption. Mix 2dl plain water with 50ml of garlic water and drink it on empty stomach with the straw. This liquid can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Council plus: It eliminates the bacteria and viruses and strengthens the organism so it is recommended that people who feel danger from cold or are healing from cold to start consume it as well. The garlic filtrates all the toxins from the liver and it is great for detoxification of the entire body.

Water With Powerful Ingredient That Will Make Miracle For Your Body!