This is What Happens to Wrinkles and BLEMISHES When You Put Potatoes on Your Skin


Potatoes are one remedy that, while delicious to eat, can also be used for lightening and evening skin tone.  However, it is very likely that you haven’t even heard that potatoes can be so beneficial for the skin. The best thing concerning potatoes is the fact that they are easily accessible and relatively cheap. Just make sure you buy organic ones in order to avoid pesticides and stay on the safe side.

This is What Happens to Wrinkles and BLEMISHES When You Put Potatoes on Your Skin

Raw potatoes contain several vitamins, nutrients and trace minerals which make your skin glowing and also help with a wide array of skin issues.

Vitamin A:  Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin B:  Reduces darkening of the skin and improves skin tone. It is important to mention that vitamin B deficiency can cause wrinkles, acne and eczema.

Vitamin C: This vitamin help fights off free radicals and aging, promotes healing, and helps repair any damage.

Potassium: Keeps your skin moisturized.

Phosphorus: Promotes cell repair.

Calcium: Regulates moisture and growth of new cells. It has the ability to reduce irritation as well.

Iron: Deficiency in iron can cause your skin tone to become pale.


  • Apply potato juice onto problem areas on your face or on the whole face
  • For dark circles, slice a potato and cover the eyes with pieces or put them under the eyes
  • For wrinkles, juice of the potato, apply to the face and leave it there
  • For sunburn, put the potato slices on your skin
  • For blemishes, juice the potato and use it on a daily basis to rinse your face or apply mashed potato onto the face and leave it on for about ten minutes
  • You can also grate the potatoes and apply them to the face
  • For anti-aging effect, combine a tablespoon of yogurt with mashed potato and apply the mixture on the face.
  • To lighten dark skin complexion, combine a tablespoon of mashed potato with a tablespoon of lemon juice and apply the paste on the face. Rinse it off after 10-15 minutes


1. Blemishes

Both vitamin B and C soothe blemished and promote faster healing.

2. Anti-Aging and Hydration

The vitamin C content fights off aging while the high potassium content helps you stay hydrated.

3. Reduce Puffiness and Swelling

The combination of minerals and vitamin C in potatoes works wonders when it comes to reducing puffiness and swelling on the face.

4. Soothe Sunburn

Again, the vitamin C in potatoes promotes faster healing and the cool raw potato calms down itchy and burnt skin.

5. Wrinkles

The vitamin A in potatoes prevents a formation of wrinkles and gives your skin an instant pick-up!

6. Dark Circles

Vitamin B in potatoes helps reduce dark circles. All you have to do is to place slices of potato over them and eliminate dark circles in no time.

Interestingly, a potato can be used as a hair mask as well! By mixing the juice of potato with honey, you can prevent hair loss, help your hair grow faster and protect it from damage!

Besides skin and hair, raw potato juice is great for overall health too. Drink a glass of raw potato juice every morning on an empty stomach to treat cholesterol and build a strong healthy body.  With the price of potatoes being perfect for beauty purposes, why not give the potato a try?