The Mix Of Two Ingredients Kills Cysts And Fibroids!


In this article we will present a very efficient mix of common houseleek leaves and natural honey.
This mix is mostly used and recommended for treating cysts in the organism, especially cysts on the female organs and breasts. Besides cysts, the mix can be used against intestinal parasites, cancer of the uterus, heart, as well as inflammatory conditions.

The use of common houseleek is crucial for this remedy.


  • 300 gr. of whole common houseleek leaves
  • 300 gr. of natural honey (chestnut honey)

Pick some common houseleek, wash it and blend it. This mixture is then stirred with honey in a glass jar for a few minutes so the ingredients blend well. The mixture needs to be left for seven days in the fridge, with an occasional stir. Keep it in the fridge. After seven days, start consuming it. You take one teaspoon of the mixture three times a day. The first dose is right after waking up, the second one goes between meals in the middle of the day, and the last one is taken before going to bed. Do not miss a dose. The treatment lasts from several weeks to several months, but the cysts disappear during that period. In practice, this mixture has been efficient in all types of cysts, especially the female organs and breasts cysts.
The mixture is also good for cleaning and strengthening of the organism. It boosts metabolism and improves digestion and stool frequency. The common houseleek juice has an anti-inflammatory effect on the mouth, throat, stomach and digestive tract if used regularly.