Home Remedies For Stretch Marks – One Secret No One Ever Told You

About 7 years ago, while I was in college, I kept my body weight down and maintained my body with regular exercise and constant activity. Ever since I left college and got a job, I just let myself go and gave up exercise for a few years after getting a job. I guess it was the sudden freedom I gained after getting out of college or maybe I was just too lazy. So I stopped working out and kept eating like I always had. Obviously, my metabolism slowed and I started gaining weight. I weighed 163 lbs back in 2005; my weight went up to 190 lbs in 2009. Over the course of these 4 years I had gained more than 12 kgs. I also got a number of stretch marks on my thighs and the sides and on the front of my stomach as a result of the weight gain. I was so disgusted by these stretch marks that I never went to the beach or swimming for about 2 years and I used to love it when I was in college. So I started working out again and got my weight down to normal in about a year. But the stretch marks on my stomach and thighs were still there. I tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of my stretch marks but nothing seemed to work.

I used every stretch mark cream in the market. I tried using cocoa butter, vitamin e oil, vitamin e lotions (like a million different ones), fade creams, scar removers, aloe Vera, tamanu body butter, ex-foliating lemon juice on the marks, bio-oil(which faded the scar a bit) but nothing helped! Very recently, I decided to try oil cleansing for my face. A friend suggested massaging the scars with cocoa butter and glycerine so I decided to try that out. I massaged the scar with Glycerine and Cocoa Butter for about 4-5 months and the scar is almost completely hidden.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are caused by a variety of different reasons but what has been pointed out as the main reason for stretch marks are the effects of hormones on the body during certain periods. Stretch marks are skin scars formed by the tearing and stretching of the skin, which diminishes over time (some scars take a long long time to fade away). The main causes of stretch marks include Growth Spurts, Weight Gain, Exercise, Pregnancy and Hormone imbalances. I got stretch marks on my stomach as a result of weight gain; after I lost excess fat on my stomach, I noticed the scars got a little less pronounced than they were before. Exercising and fat loss may help reduce the appearance of the scars, especially if the stretch mark scars are around the stomach.

The Solution

#Step 1

Get Your Skin Warm

Apply a small amount of warm water on the scar, and get your skin warmed up. Once the scar and the skin near it are warm, go on to step 2.

#Step 2

Massage With Glycerine And Cocoa Butter

Once your skin is warm, apply Glycerine and Cocoa Butter onto the scar and start massaging the scar and regions near it. Massage in a circular motion using your fingers or with a wooden massager for about 2-3 mins daily. Massages twice daily; in the morning and before you go to bed. If you have a wide area to cover, buy a wooden massager to massage. Don’t leave out the skin near the scar, massage the edges of the scar thoroughly. If the scars are on you back or behind your arms get someone to help you massage it.

#Step 3

Apply Vitamin E Oil

After massaging, apply a light coat of vitamin E oil on the scar. Vitamin E helps to prevent further darkening and appearance of stretch mark scars and helps improves the skin appearance and elasticity.

#Step 4

Potato Juice

Apply potato juice 3-4 times a week. Potato contains natural minerals and vitamins that help in restoration of skin cells. Cut a thick slice of potato and gently rub the juice on to the skin, leave it till it dries and wash away with warm water.

Rub juice from aloe Vera plant directly on to the skin once a week, let it dry and wash off with water after an hour or so.

Don’t Over Do It

Try not to use excess pressure/force on the scar while massaging, apply the right amount of pressure while massaging. Don’t massage for too long because you may just end up bruising your skin which will prevent you from massaging the next day. Don’t skip massaging even for a day. Massage twice daily; in the mornings and before going to sleep. If you massage regularly and thoroughly, you will get the desired result in about 2 months.

Don’t lose faith and stop massaging after a week, this may take some time but it really works. Keep massaging for atleast a month to see results.

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks – One Secret No One Ever Told You.