How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Small Garden Pot

Avocados are highly versatile and are great for many dishes, especially guacamole and salads.  Those who are fans of this fruits and use it on a regular basis will be happy to learn that there is an easy way to plant them at home, a method which is both time-efficient and economical.

The avocado tree grows in warm areas and it can`t stand cold and frost. However, the tips below will help you plant the tree in a small pot and keep it inside.


1. Extract the Seed

First and foremost, you need to remove the seed from the fruit, making sure you don’t cut it. The next step is washing the seed. You can soak it in water for a while and then scrub the fruit, if there is any. However, make sure you don’t remove the brown skin of the seed while scrubbing it.

2. Pierce the Seed

Even though avocado seeds typically have elongated shape, some of them differ. Each avocado seed has a bottom, the area from which the root grows, and a top, an area from which the plant sprouts. The bottom is slightly flat while the top is pointy. It is important to determine which one is the bottom and which one is the top, as the bottom end goes in the water.  Stick it with toothpicks in order to elevate the seed and avoid submerging the entire body in water.

3. Soak the Seed in Water

Place the bottom half of the avocados in water, making sure the toothpicks are firmly wedged in there. It is recommended to stick them at a slight angle, to ensure that the avocado rests in water when set over a glass.

4. Allow the Seed to Sprout

In 3-6 weeks the top end of the seed will split and a stem sprout will emerge out of it. However, the roots will grow from the bottom end. Cut off the leaves when you notice that the stem has reached a 5-6 inches length. In 2-3 weeks, new leaves will sprout and more leaves will grow from the bottom.

5. Trim the Sprout

Trim the sprout tail in half when it reaches about 6-7 inches length in order to ensure fresh growth.

6. Get Ready to Plant

First, get a large pot and fill it with high-quality potting soil. Make sure the soil is filled to about an inch from the top of the pot, which should be about 8” to 10” across. Then, make a small hole at the center of the pot and place the seed into it. When done, water the soil with plenty of water.