Get Rid Of Blackheads Within 5 Minutes

Blackheads can occur onto the nose, cheeks, neck and back. These skin occurrences are pretty unpleasant and many people, mostly women, try to get rid of them using different kinds of methods.

What cause blackheads?

The most common reasons are closed pores, bad diet, hormonal imbalance and oily skin and hair. But, what can we do in order to get rid of blackheads? We will now present a great solution which can help you remove blackheads within 5 minutes.

Ingredients needed:

  • Half a lemon
  • Several drops of honey

Apply the honey onto the lemon and rub your face with it. Make sure you pay attention to the most affected and sensitive areas while rubbing. Rinse your face after 7 minutes.
You will notice the results after the first time you practice this method. Your skin will become softer, smoother and cleaner. You can repeat this treatment several times a week.