Cancer Cells Die in 42 Days: Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured over 45,000 People from Cancer

Is It Possible to Heal From Cancer Naturally, Using Food?

  “To my mind, healing means returning a malfunctioning human body to full unrestricted function, not to remove parts of it by operation or amputation.”

Rudolf Breuss was an Austrian healer who developed a fasting therapy known as “Total Therapy”.  He has spent his entire life in looking for natural cancer treatment.

This naturopathist claimed that his therapy has saved the life of more than 2000 patients since 1950. What`s more, it is estimated that he has cured over 45,000 cancer patients since 1986 with the help of these alternative methods.

How does it work?

The so-called “Total Therapy’ lasts 42 days. The Breuss diet is designed to starve the cancer cells as their metabolism differs from the one that normal cells have. So, this diet basically starves the cancer cells by not providing any solid food proteins. The best part is that it leaves the normal cells intact.

During this therapy, the patient is allowed to take raw fruits and vegetables in liquid form only. Apart from the juices and teas, the patient shouldn’t consume anything else. The patient should consume only organically grown produce and the sediments should be removed. According to Breuss, cancer cells feed on the protein of solid food.

Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juice and teas for 42 days the cancerous cells die while the normal cells continue to do well.

Alternative medicine recommends the consumption of raw fruit and vegetable juices as part of the treatment for various chronic diseases.

Raw juices are abundant in living enzymes and antioxidants, both of which have a critical role in everyone`s diet. Each and everyone who wants to stay healthy and build a strong defense against environmental toxins should consume raw juices.

Juice Recipe To Kill Cancer Cell

Breuss developed a formula which is based on carrots, celeriac, radish, potatoes, and beetroots in specific amounts. For optimal results, in addition to the juice formula, the patient should consume herbal teas as well.


–          1 carrot
–          1 celery stick
–          1 radish
–          ½ potato
–          1 beet