Amazing Homemade Cough Drops

I spend the last week sick with a bad cold, and something like this homemade remedy from Tiffany at The Coconut Mama would have come in really handy to soothe my cough. Most commercial cough drops are made with unfavorable ingredients such as natural flavors and colorings. With these, it’s just a few simple ingredients (only 2-3 total) you can easily whip up and add it to your cold survival arsenal! So be sure to read this great post and try out Tiffany’s SIMPLE recipe:

“Our family has been down with a cold for the last week. It started with my 5-year old who was only sick for 3 days. Once she was better our 2-year-old came down with it and soon after my 1 one year old, husband and I were sniffling and coughing. I usually make my homemade cough syrup when we get sick but it just wasn’t cutting it this time. I didn’t have the patience to melt it every time we needed it so I decided to make a batch of cough drops instead. I stored these in the refrigerator and we just popped them out when we needed a cough drop.

According to this article, taking a few teaspoons of local raw honey a day prior to pollen season can be effective in boosting your immunity to pollen!