A MUST TRY – Simple Aromatic Beverage With Powerful Effect For Healthy & Slimmer You!

The mixture between slices of cucumber and water is very healthy and refreshing drink as well as exceptionally delicious.

If you want to stay healthy and feel good, you have to drink sufficient amount of fluids. You should replace all the other drinks you already consume and get rid of the excess pounds in your body with this aromatic beverage.

The simplest and most effective way to burn the fat is to consume larger quantities of water and reduce the intake of calories. Cucumber contains 50 calories and water contains zero calories, which means that you will intake less calories compared with apple juice (113 calories) and sprinkled water (150 calories).

Whenever you feel thirsty and dehydrated, your body makes you feel hungry. Cucumber water will balance your appetite, give you satiety and refresh your body like never before. That’s why you should consume this powerful drink as much as you can.

Cucumber is rich in silca (silcon dioxide) which has beneficial effects on your skin (it hydrates the skin). There are many products based on cucumber used in treatments against acne. Cucumber water is rich source of Vitamin A,D and powerful antioxidants.

Cucumber water


  • 1 large pitcher
  • 2 liters spring water
  • 1 fresh cucumber


Take one fresh cucumber and wash it to remove any bacteria or dirt. Slice it and place it in a pitcher, previously filled with spring water. Let the drink stay during the night and consume it the next day. For fast and best results, consume it 3 times a day, especially in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also add several strawberries, lemons or mint leaves to your liking.

A MUST TRY – Simple Aromatic Beverage With Powerful Effect For Healthy & Slimmer You!