8 Yoga Poses That Anyone With Back Pain Needs To Try Immediately

Lower back pain is extremely common among American citizens and Mayo Clinic`s reports show that everyone is prone to this condition, including office workers and high-trained athletes. Although the pain is difficult to bear and even debilitating, it is usually only temporary.
Medical attention is needed in severe cases, but in less severe instances yoga can be use to strengthen the back, stretch the spine, improve circulation, and provide relief.  Below you have a list of 8 yoga poses which work wonders for back pain!

8 Incredible Yoga Poses to Help In Back Pain Treatment 

1. Child’s Pose


This pose is a great way to wind down and relax from a tough day.  Besides the back, it also stretches the hips. Begin on all fours, keeping the arms forward.  Sit down with butt resting on the heels. Inhale deeply and hold, allowing the breath to reach towards the hips. After this pose, you will feet an immediate relief.

2. Spinal Twist

Begin by keeping the right leg straight and then bend it to keep it flat. Then, place the left hand on the floor for additional support and twist while hooking the left elbow over the left thing. Repeat, if needed.

3. Eagle’s Pose


This pose is more advanced and requires both balance and strength while stretching the back. Begin with the knees bet and then lift the left leg. Reach the left thigh over the right one in a twisted form. Allow the leg to balance with the toes on the floor as you keep the foot pointed towards the floor.
Take the left arms and put it underneath the right one, while bending the elbows and bringing the palms of the hands together.  As mentioned above, this exercise is more advanced but also very effective.  It gives the ultimate stretch by moving the hands and elbows away from the face.

4. Plow Pose

Begin with your hips bent while bringing the toes and feet to the floor. Let the hands support your back or simply clasp them together for additional control. Keep the forearms on the ground while holding as long as comfortable so that you get the ultimate stretch in your spine and shoulders. If you find this pose too advanced for you, feel free to use a chair and rest the feet on it.

5. Downward Dog

The downward dog is definitely the most iconic pose in yoga. It promotes full-body rejuvenation while raising the hips in an upside-down V position. Make sure you keep the head and neck relaxed while drawing the inner thighs back. Spread the shoulders blades apart while stretching the back and raise the hips up to open the lower back.

6. Locust Pose

Lying on the stomach with the arms on the side is a great way to strengthen the buttocks and back. Raise the head, arms, torso, and legs away from the floor, with the thighs slightly rotated so that the body stretch can be felt from head to toe. Hold for a minute, relax, and repeat.

7. Triangle Pose

This pose helps prevent severe back and join pain as it strengthens and stretches the back. Start with standing with your feet 3 ft. apart and parallel to each foot. Then, rotate the left foot so that the right heel remains in line with the arms of the right foot. Finally, you should extend the arms to the side while tilting the hips and reaching the left hand toward the floor.
Rotate the body to your side and then lift the right hand upwards. Let the body look at the right hand and hold for 7 seconds. Switch sides and repeat the pose.

8. Bow Pose

Begin with lying face down with the hands reaching towards the ankles.  Raise the things and chest away from the floor and then raise the chest forwards and the thighs up. This pose works wonders for back pain as it strengthens the back muscles.