7 Activities To Do To Lose That Big Tummy In 6 Days

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Most people are insecure about their extra belly fat sure this can be embarrassing, but it can he a threat to your health as well. Luckily there are many ways for you to reduce this fat.

1. Avoid Sodium

Try not to eat salty foods they can retain fluid in the body.
Try to avoid things like microwavable meals and eat things like chicken salad or turkey sandwiches.

2. Exercise

Eating healthy as well as exercising regularly will help you slim down quickly. Try doing exercises that focus on slimming the tummy.

3. Low Carbs

Try to avoid things that are high in carbs, go on a low carb diet and Eat more foods rich in protein like nuts or cheese.
Avoid foods high in starch and bread.

4. Limit Milk Intake


Being lactose intolerant can cause bloating it is good to rule this out and try to avoid milk, as lactose intolerant people cannot break down the sugars properly that are found in milk.

5. Eat Fruits

Try eating easily digestible fruits like grapes, oranges, lemons, tangerines, berries, Grapefruits, and limes.

6. Avoid Spicy Foods

Spicy foods cause your stomach to release more acids tha it usually would this can cause irritations and is not good for you.
Especially if you are trying to lose tummy weight.

7. Say No To Junk

Avoid caffeine rich drinks, especially sodas. Do not drink alcohol it’s called a ‘beer gut’ for a reason, and always with no exceptions avoid processed foods.

If you follow these rules, your belly will be dramatically reduced in no time at all. You will be well on your way to having the bikini body you have been waiting for.

7 Activities To Do To Lose That Big Tummy In 6 Days | Buy Non GMO Seeds