50 Little-Known Uses for Essential Oils for Your Lungs, Skin, Sleep and More

Essential oils are used for many purposes these days, especially in aromatherapy. We regularly rub them on our skin or put them in baths. However, there is a list of less-known uses of essential oils. Check them out!


1.      Concentration Aid:  Putting a few drops of sage on the back of your neck will help you concentrate

2.      Joint relief: For relieving joint pains, you can dilute rosemary in olive or jojoba oil and rub to the affected area

3.      Wart fighter: Apply oregano essential oil onto a cotton ball, put over the wart, and secure with a bandage. Repeat the procedure until the wart disappears

4.      Motion sickness:  To ease nausea, put a drop of peppermint in a teaspoon of carrier oil on pulse points

5.      Bee stings: A drop of lavender oil helps to reduce swelling and pain of bee stings

6.      Poison ivy remedy: Combine a teaspoon of carrier oil with 2 drops of wintergreen essential oil. Apply the mixture onto affected area to soothe inflammation and reduce redness

7.      Bruise remedy: To accelerate recovery, apply a mixture of a drop of clove, 4 drops of lavender and a tablespoon of carrier oil onto the bruise

8.      Sleep aid:  Put a few drops of lavender or chamomile under the pillow

9.      Energy boost:  Rub bergamot and grapefruit in a teaspoon of carrier oil on your hands

10.  Fever reducer:  Mix a drop of peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and lavender in a quarter cup of water. Apply the solution onto the forehead, neck, back and other areas

11.  Clear chest congestion:  Mix 2 drops each of spruce and fir oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil. Apply onto the chest and back

12.  Headache remedy: Apply a drop each of peppermint, lavender, and a teaspoon of carrier oil onto the temples

13.  Cramp relief: Rub 2 drops of basil, sage, rosemary, and a tablespoon of carrier oil on your stomach

14.  Hand sanitizer: Mix 2 tablespoons of grapessed oil with 2 drops of clove, peppermint or oregano oil, and apply when needed

15.  Ease sore feet: Mix 10 drops of vetiver, 10 drops of peppermint and a tablespoon of Epsom salts into a warm water and soak your feet

16.  Anti-nausea:  Put 10 drops of lemon, fennel, and peppermint oil along with 5 tablespoons of carrier oil into a bottle and rub gently on the person who is sick

17.  Medical kit:  Keep lavender to calm your nerves and  frankincense, lemon, tea tree and oregano for cuts and scrapes.


18.  Nail strengthener:  Rub ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of frankincense oil into your nails to strengthen them.  Repeat the treatment once a week

19.  Chapped skin:  Apply 1-2 drops of lavender oil onto the affected area

20.  Deodorant:  Mix ½ cup of coconut oil with 15 drops of essential oils, such as vanilla or bergamot

21.  Sugar scrub:  There are multiple recipes available, mostly using sugar, rosemary, salt, lemon, vanilla, and frankincense

22.  Hair freshener: Put 5 drops of essential oil to enliven unwashed hair

23.  Perfume: Mix alcohol with 10 drops of your favorite essential oils

24.  Scented lotion: Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil to your moisturizer

25.  Facial mist: Add 3 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water

26.  Facial toner:  Mix 1 drop each of orange, lemon, and tea tree oil with a ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil

27.  Improve skin health:  Simply add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil to your bath too soothe inflamed skin


28.  Homemade candles: Add 10 drops of essential oils to a melted candle

29.  Soap and shampoo:  Add a few drops of peppermint oil when making soap

30.  Wood polish:  Put a tablespoon of olive oil, ½ teaspoon lemon oil, ¼ cup of water, and ¼ cup of vinegar into a bottle. Spray and wipe off with dry cloth

31.  Custom bath salts:  Mix a cup sea salt,  1 cup buttermilk powder, and 24 drops of essential oils

32.  Dryer sheets: Mix a cup of vinegar with 10 drops of essential oil and soak the fabric in the mixture

33.  Fire enhancer: Use 10 drops of essential oil on a log prior burning

34.  Air freshener:  Mix 10 drops of your favorite essential oil with a cup of water

35.  Ease new paint smells: Add 10 drops of peppermint to the can of paint

36.  Pest repellent: Place cotton balls soaked in peppermint around the house to get rid of pests

37.  Bug repellent:  Mix a drop each of citronella oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil.  Add a tablespoon of carrier oil, such as jojoba, coconut or avocado, and apply onto the skin

38.  Bug killer:  Spray your plants with orange and clove oil ( undiluted)

39.  Relieve stress:  Lavender oil diffused in a room or bath can help you fall asleep easily

40.  Produce cleaner: Add 2 drops of lemon oil into a sink with veggies to kill off any bacteria

41.  Kitchen and bathroom freshener: Soak a cotton ball in essential oil and keep it in an out-of-the-way place to eliminate bad odor

42.  Smoke be-gone:  Put 4 drops each of rosemary, tea tree, and eucalyptus oil into a cup of water. Shake and clear out any smoke smell

43.  Freshen shoes:  Spray the interior of your shoes with a teaspoon of water and 2 drops of tea tree oil

44.  Remove garbage odor:  Soak a cotton ball in 5 drops of your favorite essential oil and put it in the garbage bin

45.  Remove stickiness:  Remove sticky messes with 5 drops of lemon oil


46.  Spot banisher:  Simply add a few drops of lemon essential oil to banish spots

47.  Fridge freshener: Use lime, grapefruit, or lemon oil to keep bad smells away

48.  Carpet cleaner: Mix 10 drops of lavender oil and 20 drops of tea tree oil with a box of borax on the carpet. Sprinkle onto the carpet and then vacuum it up

49.  Shower cleaner: Mix 4 drops each of tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil with a cup of water and spritz over the shower to remove mould and soap

50.  All purpose cleaner:  Mix 3 drops of lemon oil, 3 drops of clove or oregano oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water. This solution works as a floor cleaner, even hard wood. You can  use in on counterparts as well.