10 Folk Remedies for Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Plantar fasciitis is the main cause of heel pain. This condition is characterized by piercing and sharp pain in the heel or in the bottom of the foot when standing or walking.

This condition is also known as heel spur syndrome and is an inflammation of the plantar fascia which stretches from the heel to the toes.

The pain is most intense in the morning and it decreases during the day. However, it may become worse when a person stands for a longer period of time.

10 For Remedies for This Condition

  • Finely shred one carrot and put it on a piece of cellophane. Apply it on your foot as a compress and secure it with a bandage. Let it act overnight. You will feel a slight prickling sensation which is a normal sign that the treatment is working. After couple of treatments, you will manage to get rid of plantar fasciitis.
  • Shred a black radish and put it in a cotton sock. Put the sock on and allow it to act overnight. In the morning, wash your foot with warm water. After just three regular treatments you will experience significant relief.
  • Another simple way to relieve pain is to regularly and slightly tap your foot against the floor a few times. This will improve your blood flow and the calcium metabolism. Also, you can gently rub the foot on the carpet which can boost the blood circulation and relieve pain.
  • Wrap your foot in aluminum foil and put a cotton sock on. Repeat the procedure for 1-1/2 months.
  • Crush 4 analgin tablets and 4 aspirin tablets and mix them with 100 ml iodine. Let the concoction stay for 24h. Apply the mixture to your foot and practice the treatment number 1. This will accelerate the healing process.
  • Add some salt in a linen bag and heat it in the oven. Apply this warm compress to your foot in the evening and leave it on until it cools down. Repeat the procedure for 10 days.
  • When the pain is unbearable, apply potato compress. Wash the potato well and shred it together with its skin. Put it on a cotton piece of fabric. Apply the compress on your foot and wrap a piece of cellophane so that the liquid from the potato doesn`t leak out. Change the compress regularly. Repeat the procedure for 7-8 days. Also, you can put a raw potato slices in a cotton sock. Put the potato slices under your foot and press them to it.
  • Take a few fresh plantain leave and apply them to the painful foot (with their upper side on the foot). As soon as they get dry, replace them with fresh ones. The pain will disappear after four days.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey on a cabbage lead and apply it to your foot. Allow it to act overnight and rinse it off with warm water the following morning. Repeat the treatment 3 times.
  • In a jar, mix one tablespoon of honey with 50 ml of iodine and one teaspoon of sea salt. Mix well and apply the mixture on a cotton piece of cloth. Apply the compress to your foot and secure it with a piece of cellophane. Let it act overnight. The following morning, walk with the compress for about 15 minutes and then remove it. This amount will be enough for 5 treatments.